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Issue With December 21 Video Embed


Due to a WordPress update, the December 21 video embed was not properly displaying this morning, instead showing a link to YouTube.com. I have corrected the issue and re-embedded the video, so the video is now loading as it should be for December 21. Additionally, I noticed some ads on the email newsletter today. The Daily Portion of German has not added these to email newsletters. These have been automatically added by WordPress. I will be communicating with WordPress to see if there is a way we can remove ads from future newsletters. Thanks everyone for being a part of the [...]

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Christmas Special (Portion 2)


The Daily Portion of German Christmas Special (Portion 2) of the Night Before Christmas, brought to you by the Erasmus Academy. Theme music from our Managing Producer, Nathan Parker, from his Merry Christmas 2005 album.The Daily Portion of German will be on a Christmas and New Year break from December 24-January 2. The Daily Portion of German will return on January 3 with another Review Sampler on January 3-4, following a new text based on Bernard Greenhouse on January 7. The text will be posted to the tools section before January 7.

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