The Daily Portion of German is a video blog produced by the Erasmus Academy. Our goal is to provide a helpful (and free) resource for students in order to enable them to continue their studies in German language reading comprehension to assist in keeping their German language reading skills consistently fresh. For students who have not taken a course in learning German yet, this is also a fun way to get one’s feet wet with what one can expect when learning the German language. For those interested in learning German (or any language from the range of languages offered by the Erasmus Academy), we invite students to check out the Erasmus Academy Summer Language Program, an ideal way to immerse oneself in learning German or other languages.

The video blog instructor producing most of the content for the Daily Portion of German is Ron Ditmars. Mr. Ditmars did graduate work for six years at Freiburg University, Germany in classical and modern languages. He holds a Magister degree from that institution in modern German literature. He has a B.A. from Kenyon College, an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary and a M. Phil from Union Seminary in NYC, where he directed its Summer Language Program and taught the intensive German course to graduate students for nine years.

The managing producer for the Daily Portion of German is Nathan Parker. Nathan is currently a PhD Student in Systematic Theology at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, as well as a graduate from the 2018 Erasmus Academy Summer Language Program in German. He also completed a Master of Divinity in Biblical Languages and Bachelor of Arts in Religion/Ministry at Luther Rice College and Seminary. In terms of languages, he has studied Spanish, Biblical Hebrew, New Testament Greek (completing Greek and Hebrew at the same time!), German, and will be studying Latin. Nathan is also an IT consultant for Earth Networks (formerly WeatherBug), a contributor at WeatherTogether.net, formerly the President/CEO of Mallard Computer, Inc., and was a ten-year member of the NFSM piano auditions completing a Paderewski gold medal in his tenth year.

The webmaster for the Daily Portion of German is Adam Berowitz. Adam also serves as the webmaster for the Erasmus Academy and led the transition of the Erasmus Academy website to modern technology. He also handled the foundational development of the website for the Daily Portion of German.

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To send questions or feedback to the Daily Portion of German, simply contact us.