Daily Portion of German


Welcome to the Daily Portion of German!

Our goal is to provide a helpful (and free) resource for students to enable them to continue their studies in the German language in order for them to keep their German language reading comprehension skills consistently fresh.

Each weekday (Monday-Friday) we will post a new video on the Daily Portion of German video blog with a paragraph of a German text that will be read, analyzed, and translated. A new text is chosen each week, and texts are chosen from a variety of genres (from theological German to narratives to history and everything else in between). Occasionally we will also spend a week reviewing German grammar concepts.

Use the Follow Blog via Email section at the bottom of the page to follow the Daily Portion of German video blog via email. Students can also view archives of previous daily portions and check out some additional free tools for keeping one’s German reading skills fresh.

For students who have not taken a course in learning German yet, this is also a fun way to get one’s feet wet with what one can expect when learning the German language. The Daily Portion of German is produced by the Erasmus Academy. For those interested in learning German (or any language from the range of languages offered by the Erasmus Academy), we invite students to check out the Erasmus Academy Summer Language Program, an ideal way to immerse oneself in learning German or other languages.