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YouTube Outage on October 16


There was a major outage with YouTube (which powers the videos on the Daily Portion of German) on October 16 (my birthday of all days). If you had issues accessing the Daily Portion of German video yesterday evening, that is what happened. The good news is the issue has been resolved with YouTube, and all Daily Portion of German videos are now fully accessible again. For those who had issues viewing the October 16 video, simply re-visit the October 16 Daily Portion, and the video will play successfully. If you have any issues with the Daily Portion of German, simply let [...]

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Grammar Review Portion 3


Grammar Review Portion 3 from the Daily Portion of German by the Erasmus Academy.There will be no downloadable texts for this week since all grammar texts will be shown on the screen. For those looking for a solid German grammar to use with the Daily Portion of German, we recommend Jannach, German for Reading Knowledge, 5th edition.

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