Live Webinars. Intro. to German

//Live Webinars. Intro. to German

Live Webinars. Intro. to German

Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm ET,  April 14 – May 15, 2021



These free webinar sessions (a series of five) are designed for anyone curious about the German language, or who may be planning to begin studying it soon, or simply desiring to review what they learned earlier.  We will be reading together very simple sentences from a narrative about Sutter’s Mill. We read all of the sentences out loud, spot grammatical issues, identify connections between German and English words, and arrive at a suitable translation. Everyone attending will have a chance to participate. or you may just listen. All this is done in a pleasant and enjoyable manner. There is no preparation required for any of these five sessions.

Attendance & How to Login

You may attend any or all of these sessions. You may also come and go. For instance, you may only have a half hour available, which is fine. Just announce yourself when you arrive. To join a session, simply copy the link above and paste it into your browser, and hit “Enter” on your keyboard.


The leader of this webinar series is Ron Ditmars, who has taught graduate students German for over 20 years. He teaches the intensive German course at the Erasmus Academy every summer and is working on resources to help students broaden their language skills after a summer course or after a first year college course. One such series is called “Daily Portion of German,” which can be googled and accessed. To inquire about the summer course and the seven other languages offered, please stop by at .

Value to Those Preparing to Take the Summer German Course

For those students who would like to get a head start on the summer course, these five sessions will be valuable as an introduction. It would also be a benefit for those who have not studied an inflected language recently, such a Latin, Greek, or Russian, since German is highly inflected. Each session will cover one aspect of the grammar that occurs within the first five chapters. The presentations are by no means comprehensive, but rather entail a first look at the grammar.  We will talk about English being a mix between the Germanic family and the Latin-based languages and look at the connections between German and English vocabulary. Most of the time wil be spent reading through a very easy text that most of you will be able to understand. You can benefit from attending any one session. The five sessions do not build upon one another. Please remember that the summer German course does not assume what you will have learned here. That is, the summer course begins from scratch and assumes no knowledge of the language.

Value to Students Planning to Take Another Erasmus Summer Language Course

For those of you planning to enroll in another language, you could still benefit by experiencing the exercises and the means of analyzing sentences which would be typical of how the other languages are taught. You would thereby come away with a clearer view of how these online courses in real time are conducted, and how the relationship between the instructor and the participants shapes the learning environment of the classes.

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