Live Webinars. Intro. to German


Live Webinars. Intro. to German Wednesdays, 7:00-8:30 pm ET,  April 14 – May 15, 2021 Link: Purpose These free webinar sessions (a series of five) are designed for anyone curious about the German language, or who may be planning to begin studying it soon, or simply desiring to review what they learned earlier.  We will be reading together very simple sentences from a narrative about Sutter’s Mill. We read all of the sentences out loud, spot grammatical issues, identify connections between German and English words, and arrive at a suitable translation. Everyone attending will have a chance to participate. or [...]

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Daily Portion of German Off This Week Due to Internet Issues


Due to the Internet being out of our Managing Producer’s office until next week from a recent storm, the Daily Portion of German will unfortunately be off this week. Our Managing Producer has limited 4G access to the Internet at the moment, but not enough to complete the recordings and upload them in time to launch another week’s worth of material. In the meantime, please review one of the past archives this week, or make use of the Tools section to improve your German. This is an unfortunate incident that hopefully will be resolved shortly.

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Daily Portion of German Resumes Tuesday


The Daily Portion of German will resume Tuesday following Labor Day. I hope viewers of the Daily Portion of German had a relaxing and enjoyable Summer Break and look forward to resuming enjoying the Daily Portion of German. Due to the four-day week, this week will feature a sample of different videos from the Daily Portion of German Archives, followed by resuming to one text per week next week (pulling from the archives for a couple of weeks while we prepare fresh new content for the fall). Thanks again for being a viewer of the Daily Portion of German! Also, welcome [...]

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Daily Portion of German on Summer Break


The Daily Portion of German is on a Summer Break from August 12 to September 3. Use this time to relax, take a break, take a vacation, or catch up on other studies. For those who wish to continue German studies during the Summer Break for the Daily Portion of German, here are a few suggestions: Review some of the Portions from our archives. Five of our favorite past portions are: Bach Grammar Review Rahner Christmas Special Fraktur Check out some Tools for studying German. Five of our favorite tools are: Collins German Dictionary (Online, Print) Jannach 5th Edition Grammar German [...]

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Scheduling Issue on Vermeer 5


There was a minor issue with our website tonight which prematurely sent out Vermeer Portion 5 to email subscribers. I have rescheduled the post to appear on January 25. Since the email already went out, it may not re-issue on January 25, but email subscribers can hang onto the email and click the link on January 25 to watch the video. All other Vermeer portion emails will go out as scheduled. I am also working to get the text to Vermeer and upload it to the Tools section this week as soon as possible. Thanks again for being a part of [...]

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Issue With December 21 Video Embed


Due to a WordPress update, the December 21 video embed was not properly displaying this morning, instead showing a link to I have corrected the issue and re-embedded the video, so the video is now loading as it should be for December 21. Additionally, I noticed some ads on the email newsletter today. The Daily Portion of German has not added these to email newsletters. These have been automatically added by WordPress. I will be communicating with WordPress to see if there is a way we can remove ads from future newsletters. Thanks everyone for being a part of the [...]

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Slight Issues with Homer Portions 4 and 5


The videos of Homer Portions 4 and 5 are a little difficult to read. I highly recommend when viewing these to listen to them while following along with the text to more clearly see the text. We're working to resolve this issue for future Daily Portion of German videos, and all other Daily Portion of German videos are not affected by this.

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Scheduling Issue with Kunst


I am in the process of setting up Week 5 on the portions on Kunst, and I accidentally sent out the Kunst email for tonight instead of the day it was scheduled to go out. I have re-scheduled the post to appear on October 29, when the video will be available. It comes from someone who is overworked and needs a good rest to refresh. :-) Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding! Nathan Parker Managing Producer Daily Portion of German

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